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Final Paycheck Rules: When Do I Get My Check and What Does It Include?
States have specific rules for when employees must receive their final paychecks. ... READ MORE

How Much Will I Get in Unemployment Benefits?
Nearly all states cap the amount you can receive in unemployment benefits. ... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Unemployment Case?
Hiring a lawyer can be helpful in some, but not all, unemployment cases. ... READ MORE

How to File an Unemployment Claim
Learn when and where to file your unemployment claim. ... READ MORE

How to Appeal a Denial of Unemployment Benefits
If your unemployment claim was denied, you can challenge the decision. ... READ MORE

Can I Collect Unemployment if I Quit My Job?
Employees who have good cause to quit their jobs can still receive unemployment benefits. ... READ MORE

Employees Applying for a Job FAQ
Can an employer refuse to hire me because of a criminal conviction? I know I was the most qualified applicant, but I didn't get the job. That's discrimination, right? I was fired from my last job. What should I tell prospective employers? I'm pregnant. Can an employer refuse to hire me? The application ... READ MORE

Job Termination Rights FAQ for Employees
Learn about your rights and your employer's responsibilities regarding references, your final paycheck, and more. ... READ MORE

Severance Agreement FAQs for Employees
Learn the rules on severance, including when you might receive it, what might be included in the package, and whether it will be taxed. ... READ MORE

Losing Your Job FAQs
Learn about severance, unused vacation and sick leave, unemployment compensation, and more. ... READ MORE


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Yes.  Unless the policy change is discriminatory based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability or age 40 or older there is likely no legal claim you can bring.

You need to speak with an attorney who regularly handles wage and hour disputes. Our firm handles these types of cases for tipped employees. This issue would violate federal and state law and there ar ...Read more

Unless you have a contract, you can be terminated for any reason, unless it is protected, like your race or religion.

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Planning for Technological Disruption in Small Business

Technological disruptions are already changing the face of American business. We can assume that things are going to become more chaotic, rather than less, with changing regulatory compliance burdens, ... Read more

Understanding Wage Rates Under California’s Prevailing Wage Law

California’s Prevailing Wage Law requires contractors to pay specific wage rates on public works projects. The rates are published by the State’s Department of Industrial Relations (&#8220 ... Read more

Employer won’t pay me!

Q: I contacted my past employer for unpaid wages. It’s been a month and I’ve sent a letter demanding pay. The manager stated it has been mailed multiple times in the past but I still have ... Read more

What is Required in a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

When your business hires a new employee, the last thing you as a business owner want is for your new employee to learn your company’s trade secrets and other confidential information and then le ... Read more

A woman who alleged harassment at Metro was fired.

A woman who alleged harassment at Metro was fired. Now, there’s an internal inquiry into its handling of the case from washingtonpost.com https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting ... Read more

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