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Employer Privacy In the Workplace FAQs
What about the privacy of employees' medical records? What can an employer do to monitor employees? Q: What about the privacy of employees' medical records? A:Laws protect the confidentiality of such records, and an employer has to be extremely careful as to how privacy issues are handled. Issues can ... READ MORE

Employer Job Applicant and Interview FAQs
Can an employer refuse to hire a pregnant job applicant? Can an employer refuse to hire someone because of a criminal conviction? Can an employer require an applicant to take a polygraph test? Can an employer require psychological and drug testing for prospective employees? What questions can an employer ... READ MORE

Employer At Will Employment FAQ
Does an employerneed to tellemployees why they're being fired? Doesan employee have the right to representation by a lawyer during an investigatory interview? Is an employee handbook an "employment contract?" What can an employer do about challenging unemployment benefits? What does "at will" employment ... READ MORE

Employment Law Help in Vermont
Federal laws protect workers in the United States, but some laws - such as minimum wage - vary by state. Here's an overview of issues in Vermont. The Hiring Process Laws against discrimination come into play as soon as a "help wanted" ad is published. It's illegal for companies to state that they prefer ... READ MORE

Social Recruiting: Employers Are Looking for You
Even if you've never used one, you've undoubtedly heard about social networking web sites, like Twitter and Facebook. They're used by millions of people all over the world to stay connected with family and friends. They're not just for entertainment anymore, though. Today, social sites are being used ... READ MORE

Temporary Work Suits Many Just Fine
Temporarily out of work? How about temporarily in work? For millions of US workers, temporary work is a perfect fit. For others, it can be a step in the door. A Temporary Job May Work for You There are many reasons why people look for a temporary job: When the national unemployment rate hovers between 8 ... READ MORE

Workers & Employers Ramp Up for Seasonal Jobs
The official start of the holiday shopping is Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving. Each year is a frenzy for retailers and shoppers alike. It's not all about finding deals and making a profit, though. Jobs Like many years, this holiday season means hundreds of thousands of temporary or seasonal ... READ MORE

Disgruntled Employees Can Cause Chaos
News headlines often tell stories of disgruntled former employees who return to their workplaces and cause trouble. One man fired from a Texas auto dealership made life miserable for 100 of the dealer's customers by disabling ignitions and setting off car horns via computer. He won't be getting a recommendation. ... READ MORE

Is Diversity & Inclusion THE Recipe for Success?
Businesses big and small have employees and customers from all walks of life. College campuses are populated with students and instructors from different cities, states and countries. How can businesses continue to harness all the different talents, qualities, and needs to make better products, services ... READ MORE

It Doesn't Always Pay to be a Shoplifter Superhero
Shoplifting costs everyone. Retailers lose millions of dollars each year to thieves, and they raise their prices to recoup the losses. That means more money out your pocket. Sometimes, employees take action and try to stop the theft. Employees need to use caution, not only to protect their personal safety, ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Labor And Employment Case From a Local Attorney

3 HR Areas An Attorney Strengthens In Business

There is no doubt that the current state of politics is affecting the mood of the entire country. Many social justice and human rights issues are front and center, on the minds of many. What this mean ... Read more

Performing Employee Background Checks

Conducting employee background checks helps you to make better hiring decisions, and uncover issues that might interfere with an applicant’s ability to do the job they are being considered for. ... Read more

OMG! Are you pregnant? What not to ask in an interview.

If you’re a business owner, you know there are a lot of topics that come up during a job interview, and most of them are innocent enough. But sometimes, even the most innocent questions can have ... Read more


In order to pursue a valid claim against an employer for a hostile workenvironment, a claimant will need to prove that intimidating, offensive, or abusive behavior occurred at a level that would ... Read more


The United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has published updates to Section 1877 of the Social Security Act, commonly referred to as the Stark Law. The “Physician Self ... Read more

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