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What legal recourse do I have if I have been threatened and constantly verbally abused by a co-worker?

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My co-worker has been confrontational from the beginning of my employment. He began to become verbally abusive, so I made a verbal complaint to our Nat'l Director. (We do not have an HR dept.) Nothing was done, so I decided not to pursue it. The co-worker became increasingly aggressive, and I reported each one verbally or in writing. Still nothing done by management. About 1 month ago, he made a verbal threat and which point I made a "formal" complaint that was addressed to the owner of our company. I was told that they would handle it. Again, nothing has happened. Today I find out that the co-worker is now receiving the sales leads that are supposed to be coming to me (causing a potential loss of income) and still he has not had any action taken against him.
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Answered on Sep 12th, 2013 at 10:58 PM

The answer to your question depends upon the basis for the co-worker's ill-treatment of you.  If it is based on your race, it could be racial harassment. If it is based on gender, it could be gender discriminaiton. You need to provide more information for a definitive answer.


Michael A. Caldwell


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