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Terminated 10 years ago due to non- compliance

1 Answers. Asked on Sep 12th, 2017 on Labor and Employment - North Carolina
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I'm in the 3rd and final interview round/process with a very large, publicly traded, financial company. As part of the "final round" we have been asked to complete another job application. This is a much more thorough job application than the initial one used to "weed out" the first round of undesirables. We are to document only the last 5 years of employment with the exception of disclosing, since the age of 18, ANY position that we've ever been dismissed/terminated/or asked to resign. Besides the name of the company and dates of employment they also want the reason given for termination. How specific, by law, does the reason have to be, i.e. Violated a Company rule, would that suffice or do I have to elaborate with what Company rule I violated? In these past 10 years, I've worked for companies of the same magnitude in all the instances I've noted, with the exception, from my recollection, I was never asked to provide specifics on why I was asked to resign.
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Answered on Sep 13th, 2017 at 8:19 AM

There is no law in North Carolina that governs this.  The company that you are applying is allowed to determine the exact specificity it wants.

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