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employer does not offer equal same benefits to all its employees

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i work for a dermatologist office and me and another girl are full time front desk reception we do not receive any benefits, however the full-time medical assistants who work the same hours as us receive PTO, holiday pay, and insurance coverage through our employer. is this legal?
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Answered on Dec 10th, 2013 at 5:06 PM

The employer is typically required to treat similarly situated employees the same.  In your situation, the employer would have to give the other receptionist and you similar benefits if you each worked similar hours and were with the doctor for a similar period of time.  The medical assistants would receive the same types of benefits as other medical assistants.  The employer can give different pay and benefits to the medical assistants as compared to the receptionists as these are different positions requiring different skills. So there would not be any violation in your case

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