Can they deny my unemployment

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I've been out on medical for 9 months. I've attempted to return to work 3 times. Unfortunately I'm not able to right now. My employer of 10 years recently took my full time status due to my exceeding the FMLA leave. They cut my hours from 40 to 16-24. I was approved for unemployment, however, now the company is appealing that decision. The company claims I had no contact with them through the month of February. This is false, I worked 3 days, I called off 3 days and they removed me from my regular shift, claiming I was no longer on third shift. Should I hire an attorney for this hearing?
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Answered on May 11th, 2017 at 9:09 AM

Yes you should retain counsel to help you with the unemployment appeal.  The facts are crucial to the outcome of the case.  I don't quite understand how your FMLA leave impacts your unemployment.  Why were you separated from employer and what led to the application for benefits?

I recommend that you seek out a local attorney for a more in depth discussion of the matter. I do not recommend that you take any action steps without such a consult. Act quickly because by waiting, you may lose certain rights and remedies available to you.

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