Average Compensation and Duration in Wrongful Termination Cases

If you think you’ve been fired illegally from your job (what’s known as “wrongful termination”), you’ll want to know what it would take to sue your former employer and what results you might get. We recently surveyed readers who believed they had a wrongful termination claim to learn about the outcomes, whether it helps to hire a lawyer, and how much that can cost. Read on to see what we found out.

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Wrongful Termination: What Types of Claims Are Most Successful?
If you believe you were fired illegally from your job (what’s known as “wrongful termination”), you probably want to know if you can get your former employer to pay for your financial losses and other damages. We recently surveyed readers with wrongful termination claims to find out why they were ... Read more

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Wrongful Termination Claims: How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?
If you’ve been fired illegally from your job and are thinking about suing your former employer for wrongful termination, you’re probably also wondering whether you should and can hire a lawyer. And since you just lost your job, the cost of legal help is likely to be high on your list of concerns. ... Read more

Wrongful Termination Claims: Does Having a Lawyer Make a Difference?
If you’ve been fired and you think it was for an illegal reason, you may be considering filing a claim or a lawsuit for wrongful termination. Probably, one of your first questions will be: Do I need to hire a lawyer, or can I pursue my claim on my own? We recently surveyed readers who had a wrongful ... Read more

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 There is no legal right most likely in the situation as an employee at will to keep your job or to prevent an employer from terminating you simply because of absences unless they would have been ...Read more

There aren't sufficient facts to determine what your legal cause of action would be and whether you would have a right to legal action but I'm willing to hear these facts and see if I could be of help ...Read more

As a general rule, an employee can be terminated even though the employer does not follow the procedure set forth in the employee handbook. Tennessee has the employment a will doctrine which states ...Read more

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The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) is a federal law that gives employees the right to take unpaid leave from their jobs for family or medical reasons. The Act also ensures that the indivi ... Read more


Experienced Employment Lawyers for Retaliatory PracticesMany employees see a job as a lifeline for finances and benefits and will do what they can to hold on to it, even if it means going unpaid for o ... Read more

What is discrimination or wrongful termination?



On February 17, 2016, Philadelphia wrongful termination lawyer, Sidney L. Gold, of Sidney L. Gold & Associates, filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsy ... Read more


Doctors spend many years studying and working to earn their medical license. The loss of a medical license can be a devastating blow to anyone who has committed their life to practicing medicine. ... Read more

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