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Retaliation and Whistle Blowing FAQ
Can labor unions and employment agencies be guilty of retaliation? Does retaliation happen a lot? How do I prove retaliation? Other than firing me or laying me off, what other actions might trigger a retaliation claim? Retaliation is the same thing as whistle blowing, right? So, I can't be fired or laid ... Read more

Handling Employment Law Issues in Washington
A system of federal laws provide workers in the United States with most of protections they need, although laws regarding things such as minimum wage can vary by state. Here's an overview of employment law in Washington. Hiring It's illegal for companies to discriminate when hiring, and these laws apply ... Read more

Fits and Starts: A Former Toyota Insider Talks
Several months ago problems with the Toyota Camry started appearing in the news. Runaway car sightings were claimed. Dealerships were swamped with safety questions. Now, a former insider at Toyota has talked about what the company knew. But an arbitrator recently said he can't share any of his documents. ... Read more

Employment Law Help in Vermont
Federal laws protect workers in the United States, but some laws - such as minimum wage - vary by state. Here's an overview of issues in Vermont. The Hiring Process Laws against discrimination come into play as soon as a "help wanted" ad is published. It's illegal for companies to state that they prefer ... Read more

Labor and Employment Help in South Dakota
Employee rights and employment laws are established in both state and federal legislation. The following are some issues South Dakota employees should be aware of. Hiring Discrimination Under South Dakota law, employment advertisements must be non-discriminatory. They can't advertise based on characteristics ... Read more

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Send me an email to let me know where you live. It sounds like you have a good case and I know an attorney who specializes in employment law who can help you but I need for you to send me your email s ...Read more

North Carolina is an employment-at-will state and an employer can fire you for refusing to perform a job. If you feel that there is a workplace safety issue and that led to your termination, you can c ...Read more

Be sure to apply for unemployment if you have not already. You may not have a remedy with the company, but you can certainly try to go through their internal grievance process if they will allow it. O ...Read more

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Experienced Employment Lawyers for Retaliatory PracticesMany employees see a job as a lifeline for finances and benefits and will do what they can to hold on to it, even if it means going unpaid for o ... Read more

What is discrimination or wrongful termination?



On February 17, 2016, Philadelphia wrongful termination lawyer, Sidney L. Gold, of Sidney L. Gold & Associates, filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsy ... Read more


Doctors spend many years studying and working to earn their medical license. The loss of a medical license can be a devastating blow to anyone who has committed their life to practicing medicine. ... Read more


Dr. Dre is being sued by a housekeeper who claims her job — and its eye-popping $1,870 per week salary — was unfairly scrubbed. Raquel Sagustume sued the rap mogul in Los Angeles this week ... Read more

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