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Wage & Hour FAQ for Employees
Learn the rules on minimum wage, overtime, pay docking, work hours, breaks, and more. ... Read more

Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Proving discrimination is very difficult, but for Lily Ledbetter, who now has a discrimination bill named after her, it was worth the wait. Ms. Ledbetter worked as a supervisor at a Goodyear Tire plant in Gadsden, Alabama. During the 20 years she worked there, she suspected her pay was less than her ... Read more

Minimum Wage Hike Alert
The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour as of July 24, 2009. This new federal minimum wage applies to covered non-exempt workers. Such things as your type of employment, where you work and your age can alter the legal minimum hourly wage your employer is required to pay. Covered Worker The federal ... Read more

No Deal: Casino Dealers Lose in Tip-Splitting Case
Two casino dealers were recently dealt a hand they didn't like in their complaint against their employer's tip-pooling policy: The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the Nevada Labor Commissioner, not the courts, has the authority to hear their complaint about their employer's tip-pooling policy. Nevada ... Read more

The California Furlough Fight
Update Furloughs for California state workers are back on. The California Supreme Court overturned a lower court's restraining order that had blocked the furloughs. Governor Schwarzenegger can order workers to take unpaid days off until the state Supreme Court makes a more permanent ruling on whether ... Read more

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Overtime pay can be a difficult discussion to have when employees are unsure of their rights and how to calculate the overtime pay they are owed. The first question is whether the employee’s pos ... Read more

Philadelphia Wage and Hour Lawyers: Truck Drivers FLSA Exception

In Mazzarella v. Fast Rig Support, LLC, a group of truck drivers who transported water to and from hydraulic fracking sites brought suit against their employer to recover unpaid overtime wages. N ... Read more

Employee Misclassification – When is it Wage Theft?

Employee misclassification continues to cost workers their lawful wages. They may not receive their on-the-job benefits and are shorted earned wages. When employers intentionally misclassify workers i ... Read more

Orange County Company Charged with Prevailing Wage Fraud

The Department of Industrial Relations and the Orange County District Attorney announced that they have charged an Orange County company with multiple felony counts of failing to pay employees prevail ... Read more

California Charter Cities Must Pay Prevailing Wages on State-Funded Public Works Projects

The State of California won an important appeal this week that affirms a lower court ruling regarding public works projects in charter cities. By state law, reimbursements from the state to charter ci ... Read more

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