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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1984 bans several types of illegal discrimination in the workplace, as well as sexual harassment. Sexual harassm ... read more
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Employees Sexual Harassment FAQ
What is sexual harassment? This can cause confusion when reporting and investigating a claim. Learn more from sexual harassment FAQs. ... Read more

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1984 bans several types of illegal discrimination in the workplace, as well as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment at work occurs when an employee makes unwelcome sexual advances toward another employee. These would include requests for sexual favors, or other unwanted ... Read more

Dealing Informally With Sexual Harassment
The Miss Manners' Approach: "I beg your pardon!" This, coupled with strong facial expressions of shock, dismay and disgust can be used . Naming or Describing the Behavior: "That comment is offensive to women, unprofessional and probably is sexual harassment. This behavior has to stop. Pretending Not ... Read more

Defining Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment has always been a problem in the workplace. However, employees are now reporting harassment more than ever before. Society is more open to reporting improper sexual conduct at work than in the past. Employees are told their employers won't tolerate such behavior at work. Many ... Read more

Pursuing a Sexual Harassment Claim
If you've been sexually harassed at work you want first and foremost to make it stop. If you have complained to management but gotten no relief, it's time to consider alternatives. Workplace Harassment: File a Title VII EEOC Claim You should contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ... Read more

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Our approach is to control the narrative from the beginning and to be proactive regarding the needs of society. We do not wait for the charges to become an indictment. We do not react. We would be act ...Read more

there was no question. Ed Dimon

You should get sworn statements from the witnesses who support your position and provide them to the authorities. You should provide your own sworn statement as to what happened. What is the context o ...Read more

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Legal Loopholes Limit Massachusetts Workers Rights

Under both federal andMassachusetts labor rules and regulations, employees have the right to sue their employers for violations of the law including hourly wage disputes, discrimination, sexual hara ... Read more

Asylum Seekers Barred From Public Pools in Germany Because of Sexual Harassment

Deputy mayor Markus Schnapka of Bornheim, a German town of 48,000 residents, has recently banned Muslim and Arab asylum seekers from the Middle East. The ban comes after sexual assaults on local women ... Read more

Berkeley Faculty Member Resigns After Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy, former Berkeley professor, resigned in October of 2015 after allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct surfaced from students and staff.Marcy was a candidate for the N ... Read more

Winter 2015/2016 Employment Newsletter

Contractors, temps may have more rights Businesses often go to great lengths to avoid treating certain workers as “employees.” After all, employees are typically entitled to benefits, ... Read more

Reporter Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against CBS

Earlier this year CBS reporter Kenneth Lombardi claims that he was retaliated against by his former employer after he complained to management about sexual harassment. Lombardi began working for C ... Read more

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