Labor and Employment

Life Event: Losing a Job

Over the last ten years, companies have been cutting jobs and laying off people to become leaner, increase the bottom line and compete in global markets. Current cuts like this haven't happened in a long time and more people than ever are claiming unemployment benefits. If you've never been laid off before, there's a lot to learn. There are also more options than ever before from contract work to starting your own business.

General Employment

Layoffs & Getting Fired

Each state may have its own guidelines, so please refer to these resources for more detailed information.

Unemployment, Severance and Benefits

Do you have a case?

When you get laid off or fired, sometimes the first thing we think is that there is a reason you specifically were targeted and if you have a case against your former employer. Find out if your situation is one such case.

What Are Your Options?

Just because you lost your job doesn't mean you don't have options.

Finding a New Job

Start a New Job

You've gone through the interview process and received an offer. Start off on the right foot with your new employer.

State Specific Resources

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