Leaving Your Job

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How Much Will I Get in Unemployment Benefits?
Nearly all states cap the amount you can receive in unemployment benefits. ... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Unemployment Case?
Hiring a lawyer can be helpful in some, but not all, unemployment cases. ... READ MORE

How to File an Unemployment Claim
Learn when and where to file your unemployment claim. ... READ MORE

How to Appeal a Denial of Unemployment Benefits
If your unemployment claim was denied, you can challenge the decision. ... READ MORE

Can I Collect Unemployment if I Quit My Job?
Employees who have good cause to quit their jobs can still receive unemployment benefits. ... READ MORE

Employees Applying for a Job FAQ
Can an employer refuse to hire me because of a criminal conviction? I know I was the most qualified applicant, but I didn't get the job. That's discrimination, right? I was fired from my last job. What should I tell prospective employers? I'm pregnant. Can an employer refuse to hire me? The application ... READ MORE

Job Termination Rights FAQ for Employees
Learn about your rights and your employer's responsibilities regarding references, your final paycheck, and more. ... READ MORE

Severance Agreement FAQs for Employees
Learn the rules on severance, including when you might receive it, what might be included in the package, and whether it will be taxed. ... READ MORE

Losing Your Job FAQs
Learn about severance, unused vacation and sick leave, unemployment compensation, and more. ... READ MORE

New Law Designed to Help Job Growth
Not long ago, being unemployed was a stigma and people assumed you just weren't looking very hard to find a job. Judges scolded people who didn't pay traffic fines and scoffed if the reason was, "I can't find a job." Joblessness has hit people across all socioeconomic lines, and looking earnestly for ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Labor And Employment Case From a Local Attorney

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 If you are required to present early then this would be compensable time. And if you have to make up the time then I believe you would have entitlement to additional compensation for all of this ...Read more

If you did not receive all of the severance pay that was agreed to be paid then clearly there is a breach of contract. If the contract is in writing that it's a breach of a written agreement. If there ...Read more

First of all, it was inappropriate for your boyfriend to call your job and speak to this co-worker, regardless of what was going on. It undercut your professionlism, put you on the defensive, and then ...Read more

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In the past, many members of the U.S. Women’s Hockey team had to work second and third jobs – and half of them did. The women’s national team recently took a stand against USA Hockey ... Read more


Barclays, the British banking giant, is now under scrutiny for improper actions taken in attempt to seek out the identity of a whistleblower. At the request of its chief executive, Barclays tried to u ... Read more

Business Liability for Work Place Injuries

A couple of months ago I wrote an article on the risks posed to business owners by work related auto accidents.  This month the article will be addressing the broader topice of work place injurie ... Read more

Emotional Distress Damages

Earlier this year, in late September, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued a ruling that was an enormous victory for employees, and their attorneys, throughout the State of New Jersey.  The case, ... Read more

What is a Rice Notice, and What Should I Do If I Get One?

Many New Jerseyans who are public employees, such as school teachers, may have heard the term “Rice Notice.” A Rice Notice is a notification from a public body that it is going to discuss ... Read more

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