Employer-Employee Relations

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Read Your Employee Handbook and Pol...

Employers often give every new hire a copy of a company's employee handbook. Employee handbooks usually outline employment policies that must be followed by b...Read more

Contract and At-Will Employment Ter...

Most states allow an employer to hire its employees "at-will." Essentially, this means the company can fire you or lay you off at any time and without notice....Read more

Employee-Employer Relations

Employee-Employer Relations

Home-Health Workers Get Minimum Wage, Overtime

“Home-health worker” is the fastest growing employment segment in the United States. This trend will only accelerate as baby boomers age and need assistance to remain in their homes. In 2013, ther ... Read more

Payroll Cards Can’t Be Only Wage Option

As of September 2013, employers can no longer force their workers to use a payroll card to get their wages. Employees must have other options, like a paper check or direct deposit into a bank account. ... Read more

Returning Veterans Need Jobs

As military action in the Mideast winds down, large numbers of U.S. soldiers are returning home. First, you spend time decompressing from the pressures of war and enjoying friends and family. Next, yo ... Read more

Breastfeeding and the Law

Breastfeeding enhances infant health and early childhood development. As a result, many women choose to breastfeed their children. When these women are in the privacy of their own homes, breastfeeding ... Read more

Videotape at Work: Somebody May Be Watching You

Adam Rifkin is trying to promote his new movie, Look, an examination of how pervasive video surveillance cameras have become and the sometimes shocking footage they capture. Th ... Read more

Additional Employer-Employee Relations Topics

Additional Employer-Employee Relations Topics