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Employer Privacy In the Workplace FAQs
What about the privacy of employees' medical records? What can an employer do to monitor employees? Q: What about the privacy of employees' medical records? A:Laws protect the confidentiality of such records, and an employer has to be extremely careful as to how privacy issues are handled. Issues can ... Read more

Employer Job Applicant and Interview FAQs
Can an employer refuse to hire a pregnant job applicant? Can an employer refuse to hire someone because of a criminal conviction? Can an employer require an applicant to take a polygraph test? Can an employer require psychological and drug testing for prospective employees? What questions can an employer ... Read more

Employer At Will Employment FAQ
Does an employerneed to tellemployees why they're being fired? Doesan employee have the right to representation by a lawyer during an investigatory interview? Is an employee handbook an "employment contract?" What can an employer do about challenging unemployment benefits? What does "at will" employment ... Read more

Virginia Employment Law Basics
The federal government and the state of Virginia each have many laws protecting your rights as an employee. Here is a brief overview of some important ones. Hiring Regulations When choosing the best candidate for the job, employers may not use discriminatory factors to make their decisions. For example, ... Read more

Employment Law Help in Vermont
Federal laws protect workers in the United States, but some laws - such as minimum wage - vary by state. Here's an overview of issues in Vermont. The Hiring Process Laws against discrimination come into play as soon as a "help wanted" ad is published. It's illegal for companies to state that they prefer ... Read more

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OPM Disability Retirement under FERS or CSRS: Setting up the contingency for failure

We all engage in it, at times; and like the vertical clearance events, like the high jump, the measurement of the horizontal bar can make a difference by fractions of inches or centimeters, and wher ... Read more

Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Unemployment Compensation

In WFG National Title Insurance Co. v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, NO. 1268 C.D. 2014, a recent unemployment compensation (“UC”) case, the Commonwealth Court held that an ... Read more


Even though all divorces are different, they all tend to be complicated. Planning and preparedness can simplify the complications that almost always accompanydivorce. Human culture is moving towards h ... Read more


Barbara Anderton had been a top performer for more than a decade at her employers’ underwriting firm, winning a reputation as an aggressive broker and earning a hefty six-figure salary as a mana ... Read more

Employee Handbooks or Employee Contracts?

Most employees are classified as what is called “at-will” employees meaning that at the will of either the employee or the employer the employment agreement between the two par ... Read more

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