Employment Discrimination

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Employment Discrimination Is Uncons...

Federal law forbids both government and private employers from discriminating against employees or job applicants based on certain "protected characteristics"...Read more

Sexual and Other Kinds of Harassmen...

Any type of harassment in the workplace is against federal law if it is based on a discriminator reason such as race, religion or gender. Title VII of the Civ...Read more

Your Appearance in the Workplace

Well-groomed people have an advantage in job interviews. At the other end of the spectrum, it's not against federal law for employers to refuse to hire people...Read more

Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination

The ACA and Existing Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals without health insurance must obtain insurance for themselves and their families, or pay a penalty. Large employers must provide insurance for all full-time ... Read more

Returning Veterans Need Jobs

As military action in the Mideast winds down, large numbers of U.S. soldiers are returning home. First, you spend time decompressing from the pressures of war and enjoying friends and family. Next, yo ... Read more

Sexual Harassment Still Afflicts the Workplace

For the past 50 years, it has been illegal to sexually harass someone in the workplace. At the time the law was passed, nine out of 10 women said that they had been subjected to unwanted sexual advanc ... Read more

Fighting Pregnancy Discrimination

Women are the primary or co-primary earners in two-thirds of American households. Their income is essential to the well-being of their families. Many of these women get pregnant. In spite of evidence ... Read more

Can Your Employer Stop You from Smoking?

The government protects citizens against workplace discrimination over certain characteristics that are beyond their control. Under federal discrimination law, smokers are not a "protected class." Som ... Read more