Employment Agreements

Employee Dispute Arbitration Clause...

An arbitrator is a privately hired judge. If you sign an arbitration agreement with your employer, including an employment agreement with an arbitration claus.... Read more

Employment Contracts Trump "At-Will...

In most situations, employers do not have to give employees any guarantees or promises about their employment and can fire them for any reason that is not bas.... Read more

How Restrictive Can Non-Compete Agr...

Signing a non-compete agreement with a new employer means that you can't compete with your employer's business for a certain amount of time after terminating .... Read more

Employment Agreement

Home-Health Workers Get Minimum Wage, Overtime

“Home-health worker” is the fastest growing employment segment in the United States. This trend will only accelerate as baby boomers age and need assistance to remain in their homes. In 2013, there ar... Read more

Payroll Cards Can’t Be Only Wage Option

As of September 2013, employers can no longer force their workers to use a payroll card to get their wages. Employees must have other options, like a paper check or direct deposit into a bank account.... Read more

The ACA and Existing Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals without health insurance must obtain insurance for themselves and their families, or pay a penalty. Large employers must provide insurance for all full-time ... Read more

The ACA Small Business Health Options Program

Small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees are not required to provide health insurance to their employees. Most of them, however, would sincerely like to do so. Under the Small B... Read more

In Some States, Same-Sex Spouses Entitled to benefits

Currently, same-sex marriage is legal in 13 states and the District of Columbia. In these states, same-sex couples enjoy the same state employee benefits as heterosexual couples. Until recently, howev... Read more

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