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Losing your job isn't easy to cope with. In fact, it's usually a stressful and frightening time. You have to find a new job, or maybe even change care ... read more
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Employees Employment Contracts and Policies FAQs
Are covenants not to compete always enforceable? Are severance packages taxable? Can my employer prohibit body piercing in the workplace? If an employee files a claim against an employer, is there any protection from retaliation by the employer? My company was sold. Is my non-compete agreement no longer ... Read more

Employer At Will Employment FAQ
Does an employerneed to tellemployees why they're being fired? Doesan employee have the right to representation by a lawyer during an investigatory interview? Is an employee handbook an "employment contract?" What can an employer do about challenging unemployment benefits? What does "at will" employment ... Read more

Late Night Drama: Conan O'Brien's Severance
You're probably aware of the Conan O'Brien and NBC saga. The Late Night with Conan O'Brien was replaced by former "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno, whose 10 p.m. show was canceled due to bad ratings. O'Brien rejected a plan by NBC to move the "Tonight Show" to 12:05 a.m. to make room for an 11:35 show hosted ... Read more

Your Rights When Faced with a Severance Agreement
When employers reduce their workforce, whether it's by one employee or through a mass layoff, they may offer terminated employees a severance package. Severance packages typically provide you with a lump sum of money, continuation of your health insurance, and other employment benefits. Since an employer ... Read more

Contingent Workers
For longer than you may realize, employers have hired contingent workers whenever they needed some extra help. Recently, however, there's been a bit of a population explosion in the contingent worker labor pool. The main reason is the troubled US economy. With millions of workers being laid off, workers ... Read more

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This is an employment-at-will state which means you can be fired for any reason and there is no liability for the employer unless there is an unlawful motive for the action taken against you. There ar ...Read more

The key is the language in the contract. I would have to review. What is the basis for your friend's position ? Ed Dimon

The clause you described is certainly quite broad and would likely result in this company having a claim to any intellectual property that you create during the term of the agreement.  Are you ac ...Read more

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Media Workers' Compensation Lawyer: Uninsured Employer Guarantee Fund (UEGF)

Employee vs. Independent Contractor Are Independent Contractors entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? What makes someone an independent contractor? What happens if my “employer&#8 ... Read more

Can You Be Fired While Receiving Workers' Comp?

Workers’ compensation provides coverage for medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages (commonly referred to as “disability” benefits) if you suffer an injury on the job. ... Read more

Records Retention Creep - The New Unfunded Mandate

By Dr. Carol Simpson, Shareholder Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C. With the flurry of excitement of over the new laws that came from the 2015 Legislature, a new document rele ... Read more

What's in a Name: New Independent Contractor Guidance from United States Department of Labor Necessitates Close Look at Such Arrangements

By Jennifer A. Powell, Shareholder Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C. Independent contractor, contract worker, consultant, employee. These are all terms that may be used to d ... Read more

LAG K¿¿ln: One insult does not justify dismissal on grounds of conduct

The Landesarbeitsgericht K¿¿ln (Regional Labour Court of Cologne) has ruled that insulting one’s superior on one occasion does not by itself justify termination of an employment contract (A ... Read more

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