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Healthcare flexible spending accounts are an employee benefit by which workers can set aside a certain amount of their salary, pre-tax, to use for hea ... read more
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Unemployment Compensation FAQs for Employees
Losing a job can be a real financial hardship. Fortunately, you can receive at least a portion of your wages through your state’s unemployment insurance program. However, you must follow certain rules in order to get benefits. Among other things, you must actively look for a job and verify your job ... Read more

Can My Former Employer Keep Me From Getting Unemployment Benefits?
Your former employer can choose to contest your claim. The amount of unemployment tax that an employer pays depends, in part, on how many successful unemployment claims have been filed by former employees. To keep these costs low, employers may content claims that they believe are invalid. This most ... Read more

Can I Get Unemployment If My Employer Gave Me Severance?
Whether your severance pay will affect your unemployment benefits depends on state law. In some states, including Texas and Maryland, severance pay is considered wages. In these states, the severance pay will either reduce your benefits or disqualify you from receiving benefits entirely for a period ... Read more

Can I Collect Unemployment After Turning Down a Job Offer?
Your unemployment benefits will end if you refuse an offer of suitable work. Whether a job offer is “suitable” depends on your state law. However, the following factors are usually considered in making this determination: your experience, qualifications, and skills your previous salary the likelihood ... Read more

What Do I Need to Do After I File an Unemployment Claim?
Your unemployment application starts your claim for benefits. But in most states, you will need to submit a weekly certification for every week that you want benefits. You can typically do this by phone or online, through a portal set up by the state unemployment agency. To receive unemployment benefits, ... Read more

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Senate Overturns Rules to Help Cities Offer Retirement Plans to Workers

Contributing Author: Dianne L. Schechter, Paralegal The Senate recently voted to roll back an Obama-era rule that would make it easier for major cities to launch city-sponsored retirement plans. A mea ... Read more

Avoiding Costly Beneficiary Designation Litigation: Helpful Hints

Most qualified retirement plans, including ESOPs, 401(k)s, and 403(b)s provide for a designated beneficiary to receive benefits under the plan when the participant dies. When an employee designates a ... Read more

Why You Should Consider Tax Diversification in Your Retirement

Many people who set aside money for their retirement are focused on the dollar value of their investments. Contributions may be based on calculating what they need to set aside to live comfortably in ... Read more

The Employer Shared Responsibility Provision and Seasonal Workers

The reporting requirements for the Affordable Care Act will remain in effect for the 2017 reporting period, which covers 2016. Any legislative actions regarding repeal of the ACA will have a ... Read more

Top 10 Tax Incentives for ESOPs

ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) can benefit you, your employees and your company. In fact, Congress has enacted a series of remarkable tax incentives designed to encourage employers to adopt ES ... Read more

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