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What are my options when it comes to a salary discrepancy of over 75% from my salary to the next colleague with the same role and title?

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I have been working with the same company for over 13 years, and have steadily moved up to my current position of Client Engagement Manager II. Currently, there are 4 Client Engagement Manager II, 3 of which were brought in from outside the company and make $90,000/year, while I was promoted from within and make $51,000/year for the same job. I receive numerous accolades from my superiors and have been told my by current manager that my performance surpasses that of my colleagues. Nearly 2 years ago, my company had a man transfer from Chennai, India to the US as a Client Engagement Manager II and adjusted his compensation to $90,000/year after the transition. He did not succeed in the position and has since be reassigned. My company recently made an attempt at salary adjustments and when I was provided mine it was only a $5,000/year increase and a demotion to a Client Engagement Manager I without just cause or performance issues. What are my options due to the discrepancies?
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Answered on Jul 23rd, 2017 at 6:36 AM

If all facts are equal, then the pay should be equal for a female employee performing the same job as a male.  Of course, those who are hired later may start at higher pay if the compensation is adjusted in the future.  The equal pay laws such as the lilly ledbetter fair pay act of 2009 provide the basis for equal pay.   Your options are to ask HR to investigate your complaint of discriminatory pay practices, wait for a response, and if not satisfied seek an attorney and file a charge with EEOC or FCHR, or both, or just file on your own.  Since there is a lot of money at issue, I suspect without counsel, you will have a difficult time.  However, you really should if there is a company policy against discrimination and a means to report complaint, do so and wait for the reply.  If not satisfied proceed forward with charge and/or obtaining counsel.  

Nothing contained herein is meant to be legal advice to your particular question or to be a substitute for seeking a consultation with a lawyer and going over the facts and issues. I recommend that you Consult a lawyer in a consultation before taking any action based upon answers on this site.

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