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I have worked for a local company for a week shy of a year. My manager has talked to other employees about me. HR laws, priivacy and confidentiality??

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They discussed with fellow employees without having spoken to me issues that are work related and shoud be discussed between upper management. I need to know my rights as they have fired me due to management error and negligence. I have fellow employees who have also delat with management discussing HR issues and gross misconduct of our management.
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Answered on May 10th, 2017 at 2:19 PM

I'm sorry you lost your job.  Its frustrating to no end to feel that people are talking about you, especially in a negative light.  If your employer is sharing information that is entitled to a privacy protection under the law, such as medical information about you or other financial information, then I'd say maybe you have a complaint.  If the info is simply derogatory in nature but not necessary protected information, then your only potential claim might be for defamation if the information is false.  You'll need to connect the false statements with some type of negative impact on your -- such as it leading to your termination.  Those are difficult cases to prove and win. 

I recommend that you seek out a local attorney for a more in depth discussion of the matter. I do not recommend that you take any action steps without such a consult. Act quickly because by waiting, you may lose certain rights and remedies available to you.

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