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How long can employer withhold pay?

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I work as a freelance location Scout and Manager on TV commercials. My work sometimes begins weeks before the actual filming occurs. Most of the time, my clients use a payroll company, (to have an employer of record,) to pay me. They typically hold my time cards and they don't submit them until the end of the shoot. If I invoice the client, I understand that I have to wait for payment at their convenience. If I'm filling out a timecard, I'm, suspecting that they should be submitting them weekly to the payroll company. I'm assuming this, because numerous times my work dates have been falsified on time cards that the clients complete and then have me sign. If I'm signing a time card, is it legal to make me sign falsified work dates and have to wait weeks before the time cards are even submitted to the payroll company?
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Answered on Jul 23rd, 2017 at 6:40 AM

You should be paid timely for work, and withholding pay when due could at least entitle you to minimum wages plus an equal sum in liquidated damages under state or federal law.  Altering ANY pay card is unlawful.  The fact that you signed it may be used by your employer, but such arguments are rejected by courts as an employee really has little options.  You should however documents where you see the cards have been altered and report it to the company, and if possible object to signing it.  No employer shall retaliate against an employee under the FLSA and FMWA for refusing to sign an fraudulent time card.  Consult a lawyer who deals with wage and hours claims asap and review this, most will give you a free consult.  

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