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Facts: I was hired and received a signing bonus that I would have to repay if I voluntarily left with-in certain period. I gave 2 weeks notice within that period. Company decided to "accept my resignation one week earlier than my promised last day of employment". I understand the employer is not obligated to pay me for that last week but would them sending me out earlier constitute an employer initiated termination? This would thus impact my obligation to repay my bonus. Just covering my bases before I repay the bonus.
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You need an Ohio employment attorney to review the contract in order to get a valid answer. 


Ohio employment attorney

Matthew J.P. Coffman The answer provided is not legal advice and it is recommended that you seek advice of an attorney. My office # is 614-949-1181.

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Before signing an employment contract with a new employer or your existing company, have an attorney read and review the document. Job contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and other binding documents can seriously restrict your actions if you are job hunting or are being contacted by recruiters. A lawyer can review the documents, highlight potential problems and negotiate key points with your employer.
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